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Are Rats Eating You Out of House and Home?

If vermin are taking over your home, turn to Pest Medic Solutions for rodent control. We've been providing first-rate extermination services to home and business owners of the Shreveport, LA area for years.

We'll arrive at your location as quickly as possible with the tools needed to eliminate your infestation. Our exterminators will inspect your space thoroughly to pinpoint the source of the infestation.

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Protect your family from disease-carrying rodents

Count on Pest Medic Solutions in Shreveport, LA to:

  • Seal entry points
  • Install weather stripping around doors
  • Remove rodent feces
  • Decontaminate the area

We'll walk you through the steps we'll take to alleviate your infestation and then get to work.

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Exterminator, pest removal, pest control, mosquito removal, termite control, Shreveport LA


Rodents are crafty creatures that can breed in your walls for years if left unchecked. Without comprehensive rodent removal services, you’ll be putting your family and your home at risk. Here’s how:

  • By their nature, rodents are conditioned to expand their nests. They’ll never stop multiplying, and they’ll chew through everything in order to make more room.
  • Because rodents can get into unsanitary places like your sewer system, they can carry and spread diseases quickly.
  • As your rodent infestation expands, they can open up your home to further invasion from the outside.

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