Bed Bugs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that bed bugs only like dirty environments?

This is common myth in the pest control industry. However, the truth is that bed bugs inhabit all types of places whether or not the dwelling is clean or dirty.

What types of dwellings do bug beds inhabit?

Bed bugs are not particular where they set up shop. They will make their home wherever they can find food, water, and breed. Therefore, it is important that you have an experienced pest control company out to assess your particular situation. We will come out to your home or business and provide an in depth assessment of your property to ensure that we know exactly where bed bugs are hiding.

How long can bed bugs go without food?

Bed bugs can go numerous days or even weeks without food and survive.

Do bed bugs just inhabit beds?

Contrary to their name bed bugs do not just nest beds. However, due to the nature of mattresses beds are often attracted to beds. It is important to note that our pest control company often finds bed bugs in areas across homes and businesses including:

•Cracks and crevices
•On luggage racks
•Behind electrical outlets

What do bed bugs looks like?

Bed bugs are oval in shape, wingless, and are often a rusty red color. Their body is also flat and about ¼ inches long.

Do bed bugs feed off human blood?

Yes, bed bugs do fuel by drinking blood. Bed bugs typically feed at night and can drink up to 5 times their body weight.

Do bed bugs carry diseases?

Bed bugs are not known for carrying diseases like other pests such as mosquitoes.

How often do female bed bugs lay eggs?

Female bed bugs lay around 400 eggs every few days.